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Coming from a family of first generation Canadians, the idea of being self-made and building generational wealth really resonated with me at a young age. For that reason, after going to school for finance and economics, I chose the entrepreneurial route in life. Fresh out of school, my best friend and I decided to co-found a restaurant together in our hometown of Ottawa. After becoming a successful restauranteur still in my late teens, I bought my first property and had my first taste of real estate.

A few years later, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and offered my business partner to buy out my half of the business I helped build from scratch. After doing some soul searching, travelling and dabbling in the sports and entertainment industries, I decided to retrieve my real estate license and move to Toronto to tackle Canada’s largest (and most competitive) real estate market. Hitting the ground running, I quickly realized that I was a natural for the job and my personality, talents and skills were a perfect fit. Selling real estate became more than just a job, it became my passion.

Having a knack for problem solving, attention to detail and thinking outside the box, I sought to address the deficiencies and cut through the clutter of the real estate industry. Favouring human relationships over tech and trends and articulate explanation over pressured persuasion, I preach concrete fundamentals: provide honest, quality, uncompromising service based on experiences stemming from my unique roots. By distancing myself from the self-interested realtor persona that haunts my profession and holding myself to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, I always keep my client’s best interest at heart — even if they conflict with my own.

Over six years and two hundred transactions later, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide spectrum of clients including, but not limited to, first time buyers, multi-generational sellers, newcomers to Canada, investors with experience ranging from novice to seasoned, property management companies and real estate investment trusts with multi-million dollar porfolios. This invaluable, multi-faceted experience provides me with a wealth of knowledge and priceless insight; knowledge and insight I leverage to offer my clients guidance and support to build wealth in real estate that outlasts the ups and downs of the market.

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